Our Value

We provide underperforming business lines with value-add financial and intellectual capital focused on the commercial activities to grow and validate the business line.

An LCO℠ is a business model that allows for financing of a third-party commercial team, without the acquisition or divestiture of an owned business line. The resulting revenue generated is split between the commercial team, the investors, and the partner company.

How It Works

The McGeever Family Office acts a strategic partner that engages in fee-for-service and/or risk-sharing relationships to drive success via an LCO℠. We work collaboratively with management teams and senior executives to revitalize businesses to prepare for expansion or acquisition. Our combination of deep commercial expertise and financial and intellectual capital accelerates commercial success through our Value Creation Mechanism.

Who Do We Partner With?

Potential partners are those looking to address financial, strategic, or operational needs to maintain market leadership, accelerate growth, and improve profitability. Investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio and access blue chip companies without the costs of a traditional acquisition benefit from the Value Creation Mechanism through the significant returns it seeks to generate.

We Drive Value Through Our Unique Value Creation Process

LCO Capital identifies an undercapitalized in-market business line that has substantial upside, and invests in a laser-focused commercial team to drive growth and market share for that business line through SalesForce4Hire, our value-additive partner. Leveraging SalesForce4Hire’s proven ability to design, launch, and scale commercial teams to grow the value of LCO Capital’s investment, we return control of the commercial team to the partner organization once the Value Creation Mechanism has run its course and receive a share of the value created. The investors access the significant returns, while the corporate partners utilize the value created in the business line to justify further internal investment or divestiture.